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Ideas must flourish first in the same place where their conceiver grew up. I am Greek. I was born in Greece, on this brilliant gem, in the birthplace of the ideas that inspired all of humanity. Greece is where I grew up, where I was flooded with its high vibrations, its brilliant light, its energy. It was here that I was inspired by the sun, the sky, the sea, the nature, the mountains, the rivers, the lakes, the beauty of the land and its people. Because it is this vibration I have chosen to see in my life, the vibration of life’s beauty, interpreting its every moment with a positive attitude, giving meaning to everything, creating with my entire self, for my greater good and the good of all.    

My beginnings lie in Greece, and that is where I want my new web page kosmos-books to sprout its first leaves, to grow from my desire to share thoughts and emotions that constitute the expression of my soul. A page that conveys UNIFICATION, that subscribes to and creates unity, where the “I” cares about the “we”, where the earthly self aligns itself with the higher self, where the feminine energy of existence co-creates with the masculine, where the mind thinks with the intellect of the heart, where spiritual elevation co-exists with material abundance and prosperity. 

It is from here that I want kosmos-books to grow and spread to the entire world, beyond borders and all forms of barriers, speaking the language of the heart, that of love.

I hope the contents of my page will constitute a source of knowledge for the visitors, that will help them better understand themselves, their life, and others, and a bright beacon of strength, inspiration and consciousness that will assist them along their own individual path as creators of their happiness.

I dedicate it to you

Amalia Eirini Tzimopoulou