To life’s winners


The month of May was named after the nymph Maia (the root word of today’s midwife), the mother of Hermes (the god of oration and communication), to whom the month is dedicated.
So, May is the month that helps something new come to life, come to light, find expression, whether it’s a person, an event or a state.
This May I chose, or rather, I should say, circumstances guided me toward a new genesis of my existence. Although March 21st 1964 marks my physical birth, the one of my existence, The 8th of May expresses the birth of my being.
I am what I became and I became what I am: myself.
The moment of my manifestation, my expansion has arrived. The moment when my inner world, my dreams, my love, my passion, my truth, my enthusiasm, my creativity come to light for the Greater Good and the good of all.
I feel so small and at the same time so immense before the grandeur of life.
Though life is a school for all of us, as teachers and as pupils, where we are called upon to learn, to evolve, to create, and to share; for some, it is a track field where, as athletes we train, practice and compete for what expresses us.
What’s more, some are not only born as athletes but as champions in life. These people are destined, committed to their goal: victory. Fair play requires the virtues of discipline, persistence, patience, ethos; exerting continuous and herculean effort; and surmounting many obstacles, because the champion’s soul pulses and breathes through its wants, its goal.
Champions train the whole of their selves, they create, carve, balance and express all their bodies: the physical, the emotional, the mental, the spiritual. That is how they bring victory into their life: by achieving their goal. The obstacles on the track are treated as training tools and as means to surpass oneself.
During this preparation, champions focus and perform. They work hard on all levels, they deprive themselves of a great deal on all levels, they devote a great deal on all levels and they manifest a great deal on all levels.
And so, I too, on my own track field, from 7th July 2009 until today, focused only on one thought: “I deeply believe in this book, A Droplet’s Journey, (my first book then) and I will support it with all my strength, emotionally as well as financially. It will go round the world.”
And so the years went by, I was inspired, I created, I tried, I fell, I got up, I was happy, I cried, I got up again, I reconsidered my tactics, I reset my goals, I made mistakes (which I always perceived as part of the process) I evolved….
What was that perpetual force that kept me going on this course at all times?
It was and is my LOVE for what I do. It was and is the FREEDOM of my existence to comprehend, to define and to change the terms of my life. It was and is my STRENGTH to shoulder my responsibility, to support myself every step of the way, at all costs, with whatever means. The source of all this was and is the acknowledgement of my own Droplet, my ultimate reality, that of my soul, of my SOUL’S PURPOSE.
And because no champion is alone, I would like to express my profound gratitude to the people who were and are behind this effort of mine. Victory is not mine alone, but theirs as well.
I am grateful toward my sister Maira for her continued presence, toward my beloved George Kontokollia for his lifelong emotional support as well as for sharing his knowledge, toward my lawyer Kostis Demertzis for his unconditional assistance and his decisive contribution to what I am living today, to my invaluable associates George Fermeletzis, Giannis Boukouvalas, Anna Kaminari, Orestes Schina, George Karatza, Chrysoula Saraili, Platon Malliagka, Anatoli Fitopoulou.
On the 8th May, first A Droplet’s Journey and then Beauty will be sent to Amazon so that their journey toward people’s hearts all over the world may commence.
However, I dedicate this grand achievement to all of you as a thank you for being a source of encouragement and inspiration, along with my blessing that you ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

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