I accept responsibilty


By accepting responsibility —that of my reality, my self and my life—, the responsibility for everything I do, for everything I feel, for everything that happens in my life, I become an ADULT. As an adult being, I attribute responsibility neither to others nor to myself for whatever happens in my life. Nobody is to blame. It is one thing to accept responsibility and another to attribute responsibility. Through the conscious acceptance of my responsibility, I perceive and conceive of all things as gifts in my evolutionary course. Everything is as it should be for the master plan of my soul; everyone in their role as actors on the stage of life so that I may receive and offer the lessons accorded me and that I need for my evolution.

The acceptance of responsibility is characteristic of an emotionally mature person, for only a child cries and wails that others are to blame for its misfortunes.

Living as an adult, I experience my release from negative emotions because none of my needs (the need to feel worthy, strong, safe, free, loved and joyful) is at risk.

Living as an adult means taking back, from situations and people, my ability to understand what is happening and what I feel (others simply mirror pieces of myself), the strength to support myself on all levels, the strength to define my life, the strength to change my life, the strength to create what I desire. It is the way to acknowledge everything — the gifts, the lessons that aid me along the course of my life. That’s what we mean by evolution.

By experiencing my adult self, I become master of my reality and the artist of my life. It is my responsibility to select the colors with which I will paint the canvas of my life. Will I create a bright or a dark environment, joy or misery, in my life?

Whoever wishes to acquaint themselves with and understand these lessons should refer to my book Beauty, in particular the chapters “The lessons of our soul” and to the TABLE OF CONSCIOUSNESS at the end of the book. (More information on my website www.Kosmos-books.gr ).

The greatest gift we can bestow on ourselves and on others is our evolution, the opening of our consciousness, our coming of age and our happiness.

If each and every one of us did this, we would create another cosmos.

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