When the love within us blossoms….


I never liked people who wanted to be on good terms with everybody. Because these people aren’t genuine. It takes courage in life to be genuine … not towards others but mainly towards yourself. To be able to express your beliefs, your needs, your wants, to be able to accept your weaknesses and your imperfections, whatever the consequences may be. It means to have personality.

But this genuineness creates resentment in some people who perceive their own inability to support themselves, their own dependence on people and situations, their own need for other people’s approval in your behavior,

And this … they do not forgive. Their inner insecurity does not allow them to be themselves. Their weakness holds them captive and this feeling of entrapment they experience triggers a feeling of anger towards others. However, it is the anger toward their own self that they refuse to see, to comprehend, to process.

In the course of my life, though, I have changed. My mind and my heart opened. I gained insight into myself and by extension into others. The rigidity with which I regarded myself gave way to flexibility and acceptance of my weaknesses and imperfections. The act of understanding myself made me gentler, sweeter, it made me more flexible and allowed me to see the degree of strictness and perfectionism I had toward myself and others….

I wanted to be perfect, flawless because I thought that only then would they love me… Let us at least notice —to the best of our ability— when we resort to such thinking and let us accept all aspects of ourselves and of others. Even behind these people, these people who are not ‘genuine’, there is a soul that needs to be loved. We are all souls in evolution, we have strengths and weaknesses, we are entitled to our imperfections and have the right to make mistakes. That is how we move forward… through love… because only Love is the Truth. The blossoming of the love within me enriched my personality.

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