Something old, something new


How much power do we expend, over months, days moments – due to the importance we give to our mental habits?

Christmas is coming so we are “obliged” to be cheerful, to exchange gifts and wishes, to meet with friends…

The New Year is coming so we are “obliged” to feel joyful in the face of a promised new hope, an expectation, something “new” and “different” to replace the “old” and “familiar”…

The holiday season comes and goes with dizzying speed, receding like a flood tide and taking with it all of the momentary glitter and magic. What remains however is a void and the return of the routine.

Was that all?
If we manage to “emerge” from our mental pattern long enough to view life from a new perspective, we can realize that the same anticipation and expectation with which we approach the holiday season, should characterize the way in which we face every day of our lives. Full of possibilities…

When we live consciously, in daily communication with our own being, observing all that exists within and without us, seeking to comprehend our every thought and experience, then we transform every day of the year into a joyful celebration.
Joy is born in our every cell, saturating our being because we are able to learn, to develop, to create and to share!

Viewing life from that perspective, every day of the year has its own unique value and dynamism. Every moment is a seed that bears the potential to germinate, bloom and share its fragrance of understanding and freedom. ALL becomes ONE, and ONE becomes ALL.

If we are able to behave toward each other with genuine interest and good will, positivity, love and the desire to share… then every moment of our life, every day of the year and of our life will become a blessing!

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