On my beloved mountain, untouched by tourism, in harmony with another Greece, a Greece of simplicity and authenticity, today December 21st 2014 sitting in my wooden refuge which years before was just a dream, the refuge in which my thoughts and feelings express themselves without interruption, I feel the need to write…

Life here in the village, far from affectations and posturing, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, everything takes on new dimensions, reflecting truth and essence… I feel yet again the gratitude flooding my every cell, every aspect of my being. I am grateful for everything in my life… the easy and the difficulties.
As always I want to extract the essence from my every experience, the very best elements they have to offer, all their valuable lessons. I experience every life event as a blessing. Every event transformed into knowledge and awareness, seen through the eyes of my soul each becomes a unique opportunity for evolution…

Seeing things from this perspective, as “my lessons”, which even recently overturned all that I considered certain in my life, serves to make me even stronger. The verification of my will and daring support me till the end, whatever that end may be. By discerning between maintaining a friendly attitude and standing up for my right to protect the products of my inspiration and creativity for the Greater Good, mine and that of all…

Within that framework I wish to thank with all my heart my dear friends Victoria, Kostis, Giota and my life partner Giorgos who stand by me with honor and ethics encouraging and supporting the vision that gives meaning and essence to my life. With those individuals we all share the same values and we are all driven in our efforts by the light which exists within us.

We are all working together toward a better society, where egocentricity, greed pettiness, exploitation and personal interest will give way to respect, dignity, genuine interest and assistance to our fellow humans.

I feel compassion and understanding for all who haven’t learnt to live guided by sincerity, justice, and kindness, those who continue to act contrary to the common good disrespecting freedom of thought and speech.

It is their choice.
But that is where our paths diverge…

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