The “Ego” and egocentrism


I would like to share last night’s thoughts with you because I believe that they will help clear up many things in every person’s mind.
Anybody familiar with Pythagorean numerology will know that the Ego is the first lesson in evolution. I wonder what it is about the function and the expression of this concept that confuses people and why Pythagoras cites it as the initial element in our evolution, and, at the same time, as the first of nine lessons learned by our soul during its evolutionary course.
What does the Ego indicate?
The thoughts and experience I gained from years of working on myself lead me to the conviction that the Ego defines the concepts of BEING and HAVING. I feel that through these two concepts I acquire the consciousness of my EXISTENCE AND SUPPORT OF THE SELF. This consciousness gives rise to the concept of SELF-LOVE. In other words, through the Ego and support of the self, I foster self-love, and the more I love myself, the more I support myself. This process never ends. After all, that is also part of its magic.
As a result, we develop a healthy and strong Ego, a strong existence, in other words.
A strong Ego means I am a SELF-LUMINOUS, WHOLE, UNITED, BALANCED, INDEPENDENT, AUTONOMOUS, SELF-RELIANT self. In the course of time, with the self-knowledge attained through inner work, all these concepts manifest themselves in such a genuine and simple manner, much like a toddler crawling on all fours and suddenly rising and standing on its own two feet. The joy is indescribable…
And once the BEING blossoms then the HAVING follows. For, in order to have, one must first be. I cannot bear fruit if I am not a sturdy tree. (I suggest you read the chapter titled “The Tree of Happiness” in my first book A Droplet’s Journey.)
Therefore, a strong Ego means neither egocentrism nor self-centredness. These are the low vibrations of the Ego, the insecure self.
The high vibrations of the Ego support the person because they express SELF-LOVE, which becomes the source of one’s freedom, as in free to be oneself, free to define one’s life and free of conditioning and illusions.
And individuals then become a SOURCE of SUPPORT for those around them, expanding their self-love to love of others. They want others to be free, to be well in the manner they choose to be, through their own needs and wants.
Notice that it is egocentrism that creates problems in relationships. There is no communication, there is no respect, there is no appreciation, there is no freedom, there is no love. Being under the delusion that it knows best what is good for the other, egocentrism wishes to impose its own beliefs and lifestyle. Egocentrism thrives on this behaviour as it is how it acquires value, strength, security.
It seems to be saying: Look at me, I am here!!! In other words, it imparts the strength of its existence on those around it. And the more it fails to fulfil its expectations, the angrier, sadder, more envious, it becomes.
How many inner shortcomings are hidden behind egocentrism! And they all originate from experiences we have registered from our childhood.
And what do we do now?
First of all, we should start by recognizing that this behaviour springs from egocentrism and not from the Ego. This requires introspection and observation. Once we have recognized it and find within ourselves what we have been seeking externally, then egocentrism will automatically dissipate. It no longer has a reason to exist since it doesn’t need to feed on something outside itself. It is the moment when the individual finds one’s worth, strength, safety, freedom, love and happiness within oneself. (I suggest you read my second book Beauty.)
And then, egocentrism yields its place to the high vibration of the Ego, that of LOVE, which unites the opposing and the opposites.
And then, everything within us and around us is overturned as we now see in others parts of ourselves that we comprehend, that we accept, that we forgive and that we love. Then, we all become ONE.
And then we start to experience the day of reckoning, the end of the old and the beginning of a new world within and around us. We unveil the GRANDEUR OF OUR EXISTENCE.

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