The paths of silence

The mystical tranquillity of snow welcomes us on the day’s trek through the paths of silence. We enter the forest noiselessly, in hushed reverence, one behind the other, linked in a colourful chain meandering up the slope.
The curtain of fog hiding the wonderful world of the mountain slowly and lazily rises, revealing a world beyond the words and chatter of the mind. Everything seems different here, more transparent, airy, ethereal… And yet we are there, grateful for our extraordinary experience in the mountain.
Far from our bustling world, everything has become one. We have become one. One with ourselves, one with others, one with the mountain.
Our senses become more acute, we hear and perceive everything in a novel manner. Words are redundant. A gesture, a glance, a nod, a touch, a caress become new forms of communication among the links of this human chain.
The spirit of unity, of coordination, the rhythmic procession of one person stepping into the footprints of another are the sole testimony of our presence in the mountain.
Snowflakes –offerings from the sky– discreetly accompany us on our trek to let us know that we are not alone. No one is alone when one can hear the sounds of one’s heart, one’s soul, one’s Omnipotent Self. How many illusions, how many delusions fade away, melt like the snow beneath our feet.
What is my Truth? Who am I? What do I want?
The mind changes the way it behaves… It is no longer there in order to impress, to reign, to compete, to compare… but to distance itself and to observe. To hear the language of the soul, of the True Self … of the Self that holds out a helping hand toward a fellow human in a spirit of absolute unity and equality, far from hierarchies of superiority and inferiority. Here, one’s cloak of distinction and differentness is cleansed, purified and transubstantiated into Love.
As we stood in the Light of the snow-covered slopes of the mountain in the embrace of Mother Earth, clothed in Silence, we perceived the essence of our existence, the meaning of true Beauty, –of ΚΑΛΛΟΣ– Purity, Innocence, Brightness, Simplicity, Essence, Consciousness.
We are blessed to have been gifted these moments of living.

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