The soul’s free will

In the soul’s divine journey, nothing is coincidental. Everything occurs in perfect order and harmony, according to the divine Plan of the Source, our Creator.

All things that the mind cannot accept and understand, perceiving them as difficulties and problems, have a wisdom and a reason for being on a spiritual level.

If we open our mind to the light of a new, broader consciousness, we will be able to acknowledge that even though the situations and the occurrences we are experiencing are part of the unimpeachable  divine plan of our soul, there is the supreme law of the soul, that of free will.  In other words, how the soul will respond to the experiences it is going through. Will it become trapped or liberated?

The soul has the free will to decide whether the situations it is experiencing through the roles it has chosen for its evolution, such as the role of the man, the woman, the husband, the wife, the father, the mother, the professional, the rich, the poor, the companion, the unattached, etc. will entrap it or evolve it through the cure of and liberation from fear, prejudices, delusions, conditionings that fog the mind. No event necessarily requires pain and turmoil since the determining factor in every person’s life is one’s free will and action.

The more people create an inner balance in relation with themselves and the wholeness of being, the more balance they will create in their relationships with others, within the roles they assume, the ones we mentioned above.  Every person has the choice to change their attitude and position in relation to the situation they are experiencing.  All that is required is self-knowledge and a will to evolve.  Therefore, once again, the free will of the soul takes the lead.  A slave to life and circumstances, or a creator of life and happiness? A passive attitude or active participation? These are the soul’s choices.

In this way, each individual enriches their awareness on the energetic stage that surrounds them, helping them become a more alert and a particularly happy player in the field of life, with infinite potential and opportunities.

Personally, in my life, I have chosen to honour the gift of life, the joy of existence, of ‘being’ and evolving, for my greater good and the good of all.

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