It is a blessing

It is a blessing to live your life as an adult, assuming responsibility for everything that happens in your life, for all the good and the bad, recognizing in them what it is you have to learn for your evolution.  It is a blessing to remain focused on your core, to be able to support your beliefs, your wants, all the while comprehending that these may not be the beliefs and wants of others.  It is a blessing to be able to distinguish in the rigid behaviours of others and in the narrowness of their thoughts the sense of insecurity they feel before the unfamiliar… and to feel compassion for them because of this. It is a blessing, as well, to be able to observe, from a distance, your own rigid emotions towards a situation, when you realize that things aren’t always as you think they are.  It is a blessing to be able to accept your own weaknesses as well as those of others. It is a blessing to be able to perceive life and people with greater flexibility.

Personally, I feel blessed that after many years of working on myself I have reached the point of feeling WHOLE. I have learned to acknowledge and accept all aspects of myself with LOVE as my nucleus. A love that unites all the ‘differences’, the ‘opposites’, the ‘contradictions’, not only of me but of others as well.

By observing and understanding the workings of my body, I have the answers I need.  The existence of energy centres in our body indicates wholeness, the significance and unity of all aspects of ourselves, the lower earthly needs (of safety, of pleasure and creation, of strength) and our higher centres, the centre of love and of our spiritual aspects (expression, intuition, our unity with the Whole).

How can I reject parts of my very self? It would be as if I did not acknowledge the grandeur of human existence. It would be as if I were denying myself as a whole.

My years-long spiritual pursuits and quests cannot be proven in a science, math or chemistry laboratory. However, I can vouch for the results it has brought about. In other words, through the understanding these pursuits gave about my own life, I became able to interpret who I am and why, as well as the situations and the events of my life. And for me, that is the greatest blessing in life.

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