Wind of change in my life

I feel I am experiencing a new beginning in my life, where I am letting go of the past, the old, the attachments, the delusions and everything else that no longer belongs to what I am today.  At the same time, I feel I am connecting all my pieces, all aspects of myself, laying the foundations for a new cycle of existence.

I wish and choose to live freely, going where my soul guides me, where my passion comes to life, where the love in my heart pulses. I am heading toward the place where my earthly self and my higher self embrace, celebrating the mystical marriage of happiness.

With this wind of change in the sails of my being, my website could not but be affected.

For it, too, operating under a new format, as a page and a blog, combines the experiences, the knowledge and the beliefs that compose my truth, presenting its new look with images, colors, messages, thoughts and emotions that arouse, inspire, spread the joy and beauty of life.

I dedicate it to you.

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