Earth of Velvet

Gentleness and tenderness –these were the words of the message we received during today’s hike in Mainalo. Through her tranquillity and sweetness, Mother Earth celebrates her feminine side, her maternal face, nature as nurturer. She, who nurtures our physical, emotional and mental body. She, who is present through the abundance of her existence to heal us, to speak to us, to ease our minds as we surrender ourselves to her warmest embrace, as she whispers, ‘I am here for you.

Today, with her smile, donning her emerald velvet dress, Mother Nature reveals the vibration of her heart to us, that unconditional love she has for us, expecting nothing in return.

Today, we enter her temple not only to revel in her Love but also to express our greatest respect solemnly, mystically, with our silent presence.

Once again, full of gratitude, I bow before her grandeur.

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