I want to live in a better world


In mathematics, we can’t expect a different result when working with invariable parameters. Similarly, we can’t hope for a better world without changing the givens that it is made of.
And these givens are we the people. All people, regardless of borders, language, gender, religion, nationality.
We are the dynamics of the world we wish to live in. The responsibility is ours. To shift responsibility on others is a sign of inertia. The question that arises is whether we wish to change this world…
The exercise of free will and the acceptance of responsibility by each of us are the givens that can create a new World. A World with new values and ideals, where the ‘New Human’ will reign.
The ‘New Human’ with a free mind and a free heart. Free of delusions and dependencies, free to love unconditionally, as an evolved spiritual being residing on our beautiful emerald planet, creating for the Greater Good and the Good of all.
We are all of great worth and have an immense role to play in this new reality. Let each of us place our individual stone in the building of a new world, one that is equal to this “Human”, the carrier of God on a material level.

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