Thank You


I really want to thank YOU! Those of you that are already following my blog, and those who will eventually discover it and find some inspiration, and all of the souls the world over whose very existence has given me the strength over the past days to support myself, my decisions and choices. You all give me the strength each and every day to follow the purpose for which I was born, to do that which helps me to harmonize with my Ultimate reality, my soul’s mission for the Greater Good and the Good of ALL.

Some of you may not understand exactly what I mean by those words, but I feel the need to share this with you, entreating from the bottom of my heart that you be patient. At this time our creative convergence is at work, struggling to bring forth to you in a few months the project that has brought us together: our vision of a more humane society, a different way of interpreting events and achieving a genuinely happy life.

I sense our connection, our equality, as intrinsic elements of our being and existence. As human beings we all have similar needs, similar emotions and similar thoughts.

So many talk about love, without knowing what love is. Most of us think we know, and try to build a life from that hypothetical love. We are often disappointed, often forced to start building over and again from scratch. How can we hope to build a happy life if we are using the wrong materials?

It is all too clear that the way most of us go about building our lives is flawed: it is evident in the lack of serenity and fulfillment that so many of us experience – even when all outside appearances indicate a “successful” life.

The reason is that what is socially presented as happiness and success in life, or even in love, is based on unstable ground.

Anything and everything can change, and often will even without our conscious participation, if we are willing to view life from a different perspective. When we will it, the right people and situations will present themselves in order to assist our life choices.

We have been taught to assess ourselves and others by “appearances”, by that which we are easily able to ascertain with our sensory perceptions (what can be seen and heard and what is said by others).

For years I did exactly that. I behaved as a proper member of the herd, imitating the behavior of those around me… That is until one day I said to myself, “What are they all doing? What do they want from life? Why aren’t they happy? Why are they constantly on the run, rushing to get to what?” I asked lots of questions for many years but no one was capable of providing me satisfactory answers. I could sense in the core of my being that there was an answer for my every question, but no one I knew could provide any answers.

That is how I set off upon my own path, the path I chose in order to seek the answers to my questions. It seemed a lonely path at first, but I am overjoyed to discover each day more and more fellow sojourners… all of us sharing a common path but with our own unique steps.

Whenever somebody asks me, “So what is it that you do?” I can’t help laughing when I see how puzzled and often even speechless my answer leaves them:

“I’m an architect, but not in the conventional sense: I am designing and building my life and my happiness, for the Greater Good and the Good of All!”

And that’s the truth. After having so many life constructions, built with care from the materials I had been taught to use, tumble down around me like houses of cards – I chose to begin building in my own way. Many are still very vexed because my way seems strange and unfamiliar. Even though they see that their lives are problematic they never stop to think, “Maybe what I have been taught ISN’T the way to happiness, maybe I need to discover my own way?”

The beauty, harmony and simplicity of structure that have liberated me are what I want to share with people all over the world, sharing the “materials” I discovered along the way and the “know how” for their use.

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